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Sempre em busca de inspiração

Iconoclast Hotels & Travel

guides sophisticated boutique hotels and travel companies

to the spotlight they deserve.

Are you a lifestyle-minded, free-spirited, and visionary

Hotelier or DMC?

Looking to expand your business? 

Look no further, we help your business

Grow. Strategically. Exponentially. Consistently & Consciously.


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Welcome to Iconoclast Hotels & Travel!


We are a business development company that supports

free-spirited and lifestyle-minded hoteliers and DMCs.


With the desire to bring a healthy disruption to luxury travel,

to be free-spirited, and to not follow the usual path,

Iconoclast Hotels & Travel offers a range of services, including

Sales Strategy, Global Sales Representation, Consultancy,

PR & Communications and Revenue Management.

We act as your dedicated sales department,

providing outsourced services from a consultant's perspective,

with a strong focus on your success.


Our mission is to empower our curated collection of boutique hotels and DMCs,

and drive revenue growth in the long run.

At Iconoclast Hotels & Travel, we believe in quality over quantity

and fostering meaningful, long-lasting relationships

to help businesses grow strategically, exponentially, consistently, and consciously.


Founded by Matilde Haour Ayala in 2022,

our company is driven by her contagious energy,

extensive knowledge of high-end hospitality,

and a network of the la crème de la crème of the travel industry worldwide.


With a remote and dynamic team working from Lisbon (PT), Madrid (ES), Rome (IT), and Lyon (FR),

you can stay ahead of all market trends.


Meet our collection, showcasing

fantastic storytelling, sense of place,

conscious approach, and genuine top-notch service.



Join us on this exciting journey as we redefine luxury travel.


We proudly are XO Private - Representation Master and Connections Leader.


Sky Vacations

New York, United States 

 Working with Matilde and the team at Iconoclast Hotels has been outstanding. As my team and I began looking for properties to add to our portfolio we looked to Iconoclast and were thrilled with the collection.
The Iconoclast team spent time to educate us on each property, to explore positioning strategies and to provide marketing assets and support. Our Sky Vacations team considers Matilde and Iconoclast as key partners to our success and we're looking forward to more opportunities to work together. 

CO-Founder & Director,
SET | L.E/Miami  I  The House of Beyond

This is Beyond

London, United Kingdom

“ Matilde is an expert in her field, providing a service that will leave you feeling renewed excitement about the future of your business.
Her passion and energy are magnetic, ensuring your brand is represented to the fullest.


Owner CBT Luxury Edition 

Vancouver, Canada

“ Matilde is an incredible professional and amazing person to work with. Her passion for the hospitality is contagious. In addition to excelling at sales, Matilde has deep knowledge of the hotel operations along with business acumen and her years of industry expertise, which combines into a well-rounded and savvy business professional. But above all stands her wonderful personality, her genuine love to the property she represents, coupled with her relations with travel advisors, many of whom are her friends for many years.

What really appealed to me when working with Matilde is her deep knowledge of the territory, cities, history, knowing smallest details such as producer of the furniture, designers involved, and love to the places she represents.

Matilde is detailed orientated and with great customer relation skills.

I highly recommend her as a professional. 


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